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Craniosacral Therapy

Turn down the volume of your sympathetic nervous system, and turn up the volume of your health with Craniosacral Therapy. This completely neutral, therapeutic touch activates mirror neurons in the brain of the client, informing the nervous system on a deep level that they are safe. Once the nervous system is balanced, the body can focus on re-organising to release pain, trauma, stress and health imbalances and restore health and wellbeing.

Craniosacral Therapy


Yoga is the ecology of the mind, body and spirit. On the mat we explore ways of balancing these three fundamental aspects of ourselves through a range of movements and awareness exercises. We offer a range of yoga classes in Nelson, as well as personal sessions where we help you develop your own personal practice, specific to your needs.

The posture of the body reflects the posture of the mind” B.K.S. Iyengar



Everyone loves a good massage! Release muscle tension and pain. Increase flexibility and muscle tone. Speed up recovery from training. This therapeutic massage works to increase circulation in the areas that need it the most.


What People Are Saying

I went to Erin to help with long-term chronic pain issues in my neck/shoulder and ptsd support. I had an 80% pain reduction after my first treatment! Which was an amazing relief after trying so many different treatments over time. I found her to be very professional with a deep knowledge and specific understanding of how cranio sacral therapy works to heal the whole body. I felt very relaxed and at ease with Erin, her nurturing and informative manner helped me to feel completely safe to let the healing process do its thing. After treatment I still felt it working on all areas of my life, I am finally deeply able to relax and sleep well and come well out of the stress zone. Craniosacral therapy is so gentle and non-invasive yet so powerful to get to the root of underlying issues and release them with ease. Returning to a state of wholeness and innate health. Thank you Erin xx


Super Mum

“Erin teaches us yoga in a happy fun style, with clear demonstrations and descriptions. She is a master in breathing techniques and correct body alignment plus mixes in spiritual elements which add to the experience. I walk into a yoga session with Erin with stiff joints and racing mind, and float out as a flexi rubber band in a state of serenity”


Sales Manager

I would totally recommend Erin, I went for craniosacral therapy which I didn’t really know what to expect but left each time feeling amazing like a weight lifted. Thank you for all you time and energy!


General Practitioner

I received several therapeutic massages from Erin while I was training for the Women’s Spring Challenge. These massages have supported me so well during my training, and aided in recovering from the race.


Early Childhood Teacher / Adventurer

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